Terrace Drive Residence

The Terrace Drive Residence is located on the lake in Lake Oswego. The scope of work was to modernize and add onto a post-modern house designed by the now deceased architect, Greg Baldwin, who designed the house as his private residence. The original house was built in the 1980's and underwent a very intriguing (and totally different style) modern kitchen renovation around 2007. My clients purchased the house because of this kitchen renovation which on the inside was a gorgeous high-end European kitchen by Poliform and on the outside was an ultra modern white metal and glass facade. The remainder of the house had not been updated and was a very stark contrast to the kitchen. Our job was to bring the rest of the house up to the level of the kitchen. The house was completely gutted with the exception of very beautifully crafted doug fir cabinetry which we continued in style throughout the remodel. A steel and glass sunroom was added to the west side of the house to showcase a stained glass art piece that the family has collaborated on over the years. Below are a few construction photos of the progress.




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