Mid Century Post & Beam Renovation

Construction has started on the Nathan Residence, a Portland Mid Century home. The Nathan's are not new to construction, this is their second project on this house. The first project was completed about 7 years ago when they painstakingly added 1000 sf with the exact detailing of the original home. Post & Beam construction of the 1950's is very different from current construction standards and it is very difficult to match the minimal construction techniques while meeting the current energy and seismic codes. They did an amazing job with the addition and even the most discerning eye would have a very hard time telling where the old home ended and the new began. When I first met with the Nathan's they shared their construction stories from round 1 and I knew these two had good taste and high expectations. The scope of work was to renovate the original half of the house and add a covered deck, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, new kitchen and wet bar, and make the entry of the house friendlier. The challenge was to make the remodel look and feel like it had always been there while adding modern conveniences. Being a fan of mid century design I was up to the challenge.

Below are renderings from the design process:


The design work looks stunning. I love the work you are doing in PDX, beautiful work!

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